By Sandy Hill


After seeing an exhibit on early cotton mills, I became interested in the lives of the people who shaped so much of the South’s history. I wrote “Tangled Threads" to explore forgiveness and end of life issues. And I was interested in how relationships evolve over time.

“Tangled Threads” features Delia and Ruthann, two strong women at odds with each other and follows them from the 1890s to 1950s in a complicated relationship marked by betrayal and life-and-death  decisions. When they reunite at last in their hometown, Delia is stunned by what Ruthann reveals and faces a wrenching decision. 

The novel has been vetted for accuracy by an expert on early mills.

Book club discussion questions included.

Tangled Threads

I became interested in writing “Bonds of Courage” when I visited the museum in Towanda, Pa., and saw the family Bible that my ancestor plucked from the flames of their burning home when they were captured by Indians. Later, I read more of their story in a history of Bradford County and began my research.

The ordeal begins on May 20, 1778. While the mother is at breakfast, Indians seize the family. Her husband, Sebastian Strope, returns to find his family gone and his home in ruins. Only their teenage daughter escapes. Alone in the world, young Jane fights to make her way, while her father searches frantically for her. Amidst the turmoil of the Revolutionary War, the family struggles to reunite. Soon even greater tragedy erupts.

Book club discussion questions included.

Bonds of Courage

I spent years as a newspaper reporter and editor in North Carolina and was intrigued by the idea of writing a murder mystery in that environment during 1998, when newspapers had not yet fallen on hard times. It was also a nice change of pace for me after two heavily researched historical novels.

“Deadline for Death” features 30-something editor Erin Markham who can’t rest until she discovers who murdered her reporter. She finds out more than she bargained for, both about the murder and a family mystery.

First in a series.

Deadline for Death

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